Nintendo 64 Controller to PC Parallel Port Interface

Last Updated (28 OCTOBER 99)
Translated to English by Dennis Joslin 12 Nov 00
The original Spanish page resides here.
This is the second project that we have prepared for you. In this artice, it adapts the wonderful pad of the Nintendo 64 to the PC. This pad is wonderfully designed, mainly with respect to comfort since it fits perfectly in the hand. Only problem that we can find with the pad is the directional control (analog or digital), because of design isues (not of drivers, but of pad) it is not possible to be comfortable using both at the same time.

The credit of being able to make this wonder must go to Stephan Hans (home) because, thanks to him, we can make it, he designed the circuit. And we must also be thankful to Earle F.P. III for the driver DirectPad, since if it weren't for him we would not be able to use the pad in DirectX games. I insist that the people in responsible for this ability are the mentioned people, and that I have not designed the circuit nor driver, I have only prepared this instructional article to facilitate the assembly of the interface.

Before beginning with all the components of the assembly, I must say that this circuit may be daunting to beginners. You may be discouraged by the complicated aspects in the circuit (in comparison with the PlayStation circuit), but if you have some slight knowledge and you feel that you have sufficient desire and patience, then continue.

One of the disadvantages of the present situation is that you are not going to be able to use the pad in MS-DOS, although seems that in a future we will be able to, thanks to excellent utility SNESKEY. We were satisfied with playing DirectX games with the great pad of the Nintendo 64.

It must also be noted, that in DirectPad, the Rumble Pack has yet to be implemented. We will have to check with Earle F.P. III to see if the next verion of DirectPad adds this feature..

You are not going to need a power supply, so you can breathe calm if you did not want to trash another one.



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