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Because of the ever increasing demands of Real Life (TM) resulting in less and less free time for the operators of this FAQ, we've put up this page to help guide you in finding the best way to contact someone.

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Technical questions
Bug Reports

If you have a technical question, please be sure you've given it your best effort to find what you're looking for on the FAQ.  An email asking something that's easily found in the FAQ will likely not get top priority to answer.  We do however realize it's not always easy to find things in the FAQ.  If you're looking for help, the best ways to find it in order are:
    1. Search the FAQ.  The search page may help you find what you're looking for.
    2. Try the message board, the best place to get help bar none.
    3. If it's anywhere near 9 PM Eastern, try the chat room.
    4. Then and only then, if the above doesn't work out, I'd try emailing the operators.  Please be patient waiting for a response :)

    If you have something you want to submit to the FAQ, please by all means contact us! :)  If it's going to be more than a meg in size, please let us know first.  Thanks - submissions are how this FAQ grows!  HOWEVER!  If you want to submit a new project, please use the online submission system, it gets posted much faster that way (sometimes within an hour!) :)

    By all means please do email us bug reports!  It would be most helpful if you could include the link you clicked that generated the error, and what web browser you're using.

    Want your site to be linked here?  If it's related to the topic of the FAQ, drop us a line -- we'll be happy to link you.  Reciprocal links are always apreciated but not required to be linked on BYOAC.  Looking for a graphic to link to BYOAC with?  Choose from any of the following...

    For other reasons, you can contact saint, or Tom, directly.
    • saint is the proprietor of the FAQ, but even though the bulk of the organization is his, he probably knows less than the other folks :)
    • Tom signed up to help keep the FAQ updated, and though semi-retired is frequently seen answering questions on the message board (don't forget to ask there first!)


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